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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." - Margaret Wolfe Hungerford


We offer Sheep, Elk, Deer & Buffalo trophies ranging from modest scores to world records.

Please contact us for pricing & rates.


    Limited number of the following species may be available:

    • Dall Sheep
    • Desert Big Horn Sheep
    • Rocky Mountain Sheep
    • Stone Sheep

  • DEER

    Mule Deer
    Hartland has a limited number of Mule Deer, generally scoring 180-240” SCI with a very few exceptional trophies in the 260-300” plus SCI category.

    Whitetail Deer
    Currently there is a limited number of Whitetail Deer. The most common trophy size is 200-250” plus SCI.

  • ELK

    Rocky Mountain Elk
    Hartland is committed to providing exceptional experiences while you pursue massive bulls that have the potential to score 500” plus SCI.


    Hunters may take young bulls (a good representative of the species) or the massive older trophy bulls.