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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

In keeping with this truism, Hartland offers a wide range of trophy hunts with many trophies each year scoring over 300 inches SCI, and several scoring an amazing 400+ SCI. Similarly, Hartland offers large typical elk bulls as well as massive non-typicals over 500 SCI. We also have a limited number of mule deer, buffalo and sheep.

If you desire a "Beauty" and first-class hospitality, Hartland will fulfill your hearts desire.

Please contact us for pricing inquiries.


This beautiful animal is the most sought after and elusive trophy in North America. Hartland offers hunters an opportunity to harvest world record North-Western Whitetails. Average scores continue to increase each year. The most common trophy size is over 220 SCI, while several trophies each year are over 300 SCI and the odd one scores an amazing 400+.

Hartland's 100% guarantee - We guarantee a 100 percent OPPORTUNITY to harvest a buck in the category you selected, or we will allow you to stay longer or return later to complete the hunt (for no additional cost).

To date, all our hunters generally see multiple bucks in a category; only once as a Hunter not had success and that happened when he passed on several bucks in his class; that's exceptional for 15 years of hunting.

Hartland's average score for the 2016 season was an amazing 264 6/8 inch!

In response to customer preferences Hartland has designed a new Whitetail program that offers two major choices to satisfy hunter preference. They are:

Rocky Mountain Elk

Can you IMAGINE? Silently /stealthily winding your way through thick woods on a cool fall morning. The still air is suddenly pierced by the shrill bugle of a massive six by six bull as you feel a spine-tingling shiver ascend to your neck. All your senses are heightened and you hear branches breaking as a monster bull crashes his way through the woods to a clearing 200 yards in front of you. Adrenaline takes over and with heart pounding you raise your rifle ...

Hartland is committed to providing this type of experience as you pursue massive bulls that may score over 500 " SCI.

Mule Deer

Only available in a combo Whitetail hunt.

Hartland has a limited number of mulies, generally scoring 180-240” with a very few exceptional trophies in the 260-300" category.

Buffalo (Plains Bison)

Available in a Whitetail combo.

Hunters make take young bulls (a good representative of the species) or the massive older trophy bulls.


Available in a Whitetail combo.

Limited numbers of the following species may be available.


Each year Hartland is pleased to offer what we call exceptional or special trophies; these include whitetails and elk that may be very large clean typicals, double drop-tine, massive, or exceptionally palmated bucks. Special trophies also include trophies that will score at or near world record levels. Rates are negotiable for these trophies.