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Elite Saskatchewan Trohpies

Legendary Trophy Sheep, Elk, Buffalo & Deer


Imagine yourself on an elite guided hunt in the beautiful native bush of the Canadian Prairies hunting world-class Sheep, Elk, Buffalo and Deer. Now imagine yourself returning home with legendary trophies.

Hartland Elite Saskatchewan Trophies offers you just that, an unforgettable hunting experience. With a family owned and operated hunting lodge, guided hunting trips and professional cleaning and mounting services, we are confident you will create memorable adventures from start to finish.

What a great birthday present – shooting a 254" whitetail with a bow; then taking another 245" with my a rifle. Thank you Al and Joyce for the opportunity to do this – you have tremendous trophies; your lodge is great. What more can an outdoors person want? The lodge, the scenery are just perfect.

Dave - ND